LocationSouth Africa, North West

Sector - Sales & Services

Asking Price
Monthly Profit
R 104,815
Asset Value
R 574,267
Stock Value
R 0
Yearly Net Profit
R 1,257,775


The business is run 100% online offering both physical and digital weight loss products and services in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Products are fulfilled by a single supplier, which means there is no hassle of ordering or handling any physical stock within the business.

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Fully describe the business's activities?

The business is run 100% online offering both physical and digital weight loss products and services in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Physical products are supplied, stock, packaged and fulfilled by a single supplier based in Centurion (PTA), which means there is no hassle of ordering or handling any physical stock within the business. Once orders are received via the website, a digital purchase order is made daily directly with the supplier and delivery to the client takes 1-3 working days within RSA. International orders are quoted and sent separately.

Upon placing an order on the Shopify website, clients are given access to digital fat loss products, login details to programs, resources, and automatically added to the email marketing flow. Clients are also provided with one-on-one support and motivation via the Facebook support group and WhatsApp chat throughout their weight loss journey.

Service providers attend to responsibilities such as managing online marketing and content creation and require weekly oversight. Monthly and quarterly strategic campaign and promotion planning is attended to.

The business activities include but not limited to:

- Operations: Processing website orders to supplier who overseas and follows-through of getting goods delivered to consumers.
- Sales and Marketing: selling goods and services and appealing to the consumer to purchase the goods and services via multiple online channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and Email.
- General Administration: sending emails, data collection.
- Customer Service: assisting customers with ordering and replacing items or answering questions about goods and services. Offering one on one support and motivation to customers.
- Accounting: keeping track of company transactions, profits, and expenses

How does the business operate on a daily basis?

- Orders are processed through the Shopify online store, and any physical items are ordered via the supplier who then courier's packages directly to the client.
- Provide access to any digital products
- Respond to queries on Facebook group, Facebook page, Instagram, emails, website, and WhatsApp.
- Provide customer support via social media channels, email, and WhatsApp.
- Weekly check in on paid for ads performance
- Process and send courier tracking numbers
- Social media content is prescheduled and automatically posted

What Advertising/Marketing is carried out?

- Facebook Groups (organic traffic)
- Facebook Advertising
- Google Advertising
- Email Marketing 20 000+ subscribers
- Instagram marketing strategy
- Micro influencers
- Word of mouth / Testimonials

What competition exists?

There are many diverse types of weight loss businesses in South Africa:

- Nutrition coaches
- Dietitians
- Weight loss centers
- Nutrition influencers
- Group coaching programs

Names of competitors:

- JEFF Fitness global
- Lean Girl
- Jenna Carmen
- Slender Wonder
- Herbal Life
- Uleen Fourie

How could the profitability of the business be improved?

- Eliminate nonessential expenses
- Increase product / program pricing
- Bring in new fat loss product and programs
- Upsell to current customers
- Offer online weight loss education workshops / events
- Offer an affiliate program to customers (referral / word of mouth)
- Get agents in other countries to sell and supply - Go international
- Sell and supply beauty salons / Dr offices / chemists nationwide - In store purchase
- Offer high ticket one on one / group coaching services
- Bring in weight loss coaches who sell under the brand (Franchise)
- Expand market to men, teen, and pregnancy nutrition programs (business has a concept and program for Men)
- Expand market to branded foods, readymade meals, and supplements
- Expand market to exercise programs, gear, and events
- Expand market to life coaching and accountability
- Increase Facebook / Google ad spend
- Onboard a brand ambassador/ personality/ celebrity / influencer

Give a breakdown of staff/ functions/ length of service?

Run by Owner for last 8 years

Roles and responsibilities include:
- Strategic planning
- Branding and design
- Financials (budgets)
- Web design and maintenance
- Daily operations (process orders, general admin etc)
- Customer service (coaching and enquiries)
- Social media management
- Program development and maintenance
- Oversea service providers

How involved is the Owner in running the business?

100% involved

When does the current lease end?

This is a Work From Home business and doesn't lease a premises

What are the main assets of the business?

HP Laptop
Cannon Camera


- Low running costs
- Flexible working environment
- Fantastic reputation
- 8 years of social proof via testimonials, before and afters, reviews etc
- Program and products that work
- Competitive pricing
- Speedy service (deliver within 1-3 days)
- Quality products that work
- Added product value such as resources, coaching, recipes etc
- Large audience on social media platforms
- Unique and modern branding
- Loyal customer base


- No team within the business
- Business has outgrown owners' capabilities
- Insufficient advertising
- Modest advertising budget
- Lacks long term vision


- Onboard a brand ambassador / Influencer / Celebrity
- Work with micro / macro influencers
- Service expansion, such as group / one-on-one coaching, weight loss app: offering access to recipes, accountability, community, shop
- Market expansion - Fitness, health, and wellness
- Product expansion - workout gear, readymade meals, branded food items etc
- Gain attention by offering value such as free workouts, cook with me challenges, coaching sessions etc
- Bring brand into beauty salons and Dr offices (offline)
- Leverage off affiliate/ referral marketing
- Offer an online monthly membership for recurring income


- Increased competition online
- Increasing cost of online advertising
- Increasing cost of products/ transport
- Shift in customer spending habits
- Uncertain economic environment

What is the reason for the sale?

Owner is selling the business due to lifestyle changes. They would like to spend more time with my children and won't be able to grow and scale the business


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Rudi White

LocationSouth Africa, Gauteng

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