List Your Business for Sale

There are many different reasons for selling your business, and it’ll be one of the first questions that your buyer will ask. Regardless of your answer, Business for Sale can lead relevant buyers right to you!

Selling a business on your own can be difficult and time consuming, and you may not have all the right resources in one place. It’s oftentimes difficult to know who your buyers are and where to find them. If you choose to do it through a business broker, you will need to pay a commission. Using our platform, we get you in contact with those buyers without the additional fees.

Business for sale

Business for Sale provides a dedicated platform to business sellers and buyers, offering helpful tools to get your business sold as quickly and smoothly as possible. Business for Sale has a host of useful features that can assist with getting your business sold for the right price, with no third parties, middleman, or agents’ commissions.

Why Use Business For Sale?


We have over 300 sellers currently registered on our site, and the number increases daily

Incredible Features

Our three different packages offer a host of features that can make selling a breeze! Here are some of the features explained:

  • Receive Enquiries: Advertisers receive inquiries via the website to the email they registered with. They can also login to their system and view all inquiries on their Dashboard.
  • Auto-responders: The platform can send emails on your behalf. The autoresponders are set up for buyers i.e., after initial enquiry, an auto-response is sent; after three days there is a second one that is sent out if the buyers have not completed the NDA, and after a week of no response, a third auto-response gets sent out to encourage a buyer to complete the Buyers Profile and NDA.
  • Financial Report: Depending on your chosen package, a financial report will be available to you. From a simplistic overview to an elaborate statement, any of our financial reporting options will be useful!
  • Seller Feedback Report: This report lists all activities such as what type of reports were sent out, number of listing views, how many buyers enquired via the website or whether the selling price was decreased. This is a brilliant feature for providing feedback to sellers on the ROI of their marketing efforts.
  • Financials: Have your latest financial statements, management accounts or income statement available to list your business or create a market-related business valuation. This will help you to provide relevant and accurate detail and will ensure that your reports are of interest and are meaningful to potential buyers.
  • Upload Documents: The Documents section allows the user to upload any necessary and relevant documents needed in the business selling process i.e. financial statements, asset list, lease agreement, mandate agreements, sales agreement, and any other documentation you would like to keep on file.
  • Buyers: Get your business seen by the right buyers, entrepreneurs and investors. Receive the buyers contact detail directly to your registered email and the Business for Sale Platform can also assist you in qualifying a buyer through our easy online buyers profile completed by a interested buyer.
  • Document Customisation: This feature allows users to upload a custom logo image that will be displayed as part of the enquiry / contact section on your business listings. It will also appear in any emails / reports that you send out directly from the platform to your sellers and buyers - this feature is only available for Premium users.

All these features and more are available to you, depending on the individual package. View our packages here to see which one offers the features most relevant to you!

Additional Benefits:

  • Enhance your online presence on a reputable, secure platform built specifically to assist you with selling your business successfully.
  • Improve your local visibility by being placed on a local website.
  • Increase your brand awareness – buyers who are looking for another business may come across yours and see it as an opportunity.

Preparing Your Business for Sale

Organise Your Books and Documents

Your financial records will be one of the first things your potential buyers will want to see, so you are going to need to ensure that they are in order and up to date. Our easy-to-use platform will guide you through the process of listing your first business for sale.

Have your latest financial statements, management accounts or Income statement available to list your business or create a market related valuation.

Conduct a Business Valuation

A professional market-related business valuation will provide you with knowledge about your company’s position in the market, your financial situation and your business’ worth (including assets). In order to have an informed idea of how much your business should sell for, you should first know how much your business is worth. – Register on any of our advertising packages and conduct your own market-related valuation with our easy-to-use business valuation model.

Use The Right Business Platform

Buyers will know you mean business when you use the right platforms to find them!

Sign Up to Sell Your Business!

Our packages are tailor-made to suit entrepreneurs and professionals alike. Whether you’re a business owner wanting to sell your business or an agent wanting to market various businesses to the right audience, our platform will enable you to do just that. Showcase your business, franchise or premises to thousands of interested buyers and sign up for the package that suits your needs below.