List Your Franchise for Sale

Selling a franchise needn’t be more complicated than selling an independent business, especially when the right tools are used. In fact, franchise sellers have a higher chance at success as buyers understand the supportive value that franchises are associated with, as well as the many other benefits.

With Business for Sale, franchisors can find the right franchisee or business buyer relevant to the industry and scope.

Business for sale

As a seller, you can expect to work through one platform and manage all your listings and buyers in one place with NO contracts or commission - just a month-to-month marketing fee and a system to help you manage it all!

Whether you’re a new franchisor or one that has been around a few years, finding the right platform to sell on is imperative. You need to ensure you find the platform that gives relevant buyers the opportunity to find you easily!

Why List my Franchise on Business for Sale?

Business for Sale provides an interactive online platform for those looking to buy and sell their business or franchise. Why would you use a business directory to sell your business? There are a few great reasons!

Business for Sale Statistics

Our three different packages offer a host of features that can make selling a breeze! Here are some of the features explained:

  • Over 20 000 buyers visit the website each month
  • There have been over 45 800 buyers searching for franchises on the site and these numbers continue to grow!

As a franchise listed on an online business directory, those searching for franchises within a certain industry can find you in a few simple clicks. Making yourself available on the relevant platform will give your business a much better chance of being found (and potentially even bought) by the right buyer.

Need more? Here are some other benefits of listing with us:

Bring Your Target Market to You

Business for Sale allows buyers to either browse the platform, or search for exactly what they want. Our filters can single out factors like Sector, Category, Selling Price, and Yearly Net Profit, making it much easier for buyers to locate your listing, even if they don’t know the exact name of your business.

Boost Your SEO Value

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is (amongst many other things) the practice of strategically placing your web content in such a way that search engines will rank it higher in results for relevant searches. Business directories like Business for Sale support and supplement your already existing information to give it that extra validation, making your business easier to find.

Affordable Franchise Listing

We provide a secure platform that allows you the opportunity to list your franchise and have it sold without the additional costs of an agent or broker.

We have three great packages on offer for sellers; each of them with a host of different features. For franchisors, we recommend the Essential Package. This package boasts features like:

  • 3 x listings
  • A limited number of business valuations
  • Autoresponders: The platform can send emails on your behalf. The autoresponders are set up for buyers i.e., after initial enquiry, an auto-response is sent; after three days there is a second one that is sent out if the buyers have not completed the NDA, and after a week of no response, a third auto-response gets sent out to encourage a buyer to complete the Buyers Profile and NDA.
  • Financial Report: Depending on your chosen package, a financial report will be available to you. From a simplistic overview to an elaborate statement, any of our financial reporting options will be useful!
    • Basic Report Information
    • Basic Financials
  • Upload Documentation: The Documents section allows the user to upload any necessary and relevant documents needed in the business selling process i.e. financial statements, asset list, lease agreement, mandate agreements, sales agreement, and any other documentation you would like to keep on file.
  • Register Buyers: Create a detailed database of all potential and interested buyers – you can do this manually, upload your database or it will also happen automatically via the website.
  • Re-market to Buyers: This feature allows users to capture buyers’ details accurately to pinpoint how they can be remarketed to i.e. Once a buyer inquired on a franchise listing, users can re-market other related franchises to those buyers who may not have actioned anything. The system will act as a reminder of your valuable buyers that enquired on your franchise previously.

Speak to us about our other packages to find the right one for your needs.

List Your Franchise for Sale

We have a number of affordable monthly package options that boast different features according to your needs.

Contact us to find out more!