LocationSouth Africa, Western Cape

Sector - Food

Asking Price
Monthly Profit
R 0
Asset Value
R 220,000
Stock Value
R 0
Yearly Net Profit
R 0


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Background and History

I started working in hospitality when I was 16 and that's what I did for most of the years leading up to today.

This business was started in 2009. I'm all about details and organisation, and it was important to me that this reflected in my business. I wanted clients and their guests to be impressed with our high level of organisation and beautiful bars (I built the bars myself over the years, and they are very very well looked after - not just nice in the pictures!).

Over the years I realised that I wanted to target luxury / international clients. And we got there to some extent. The highest monthly turnover was R842 000 in December 2017 (it's actually a month and 3 days as we had an international client that stayed 3 days into the next month.)

There aren't many competitors, so if you are organised and driven, you can get out there and build that client list up.

Products and Services

Mobile bar services for live upmarket and luxury events of any nature: liquor brand activations, company launches, yacht parties, villa parties, golf days, birthdays, year-end functions, etc.

Other services:

• Bartender training
• Bar consultancy for bars and restaurants
• Team building
• Dry hire of mobile bar units
• Champagne towers
• Staffing


• Website
• Facebook page
• Date base of clients and prospective clients
• All marketing materials: brochures, emailers, logo, proposals, menus and business cards provided in Adobe Indesign.
• All admin templates such as check lists, quote templates and invoice templates to be provided in Microsoft Excel.
• 7 front bars (5 folding, 2 non folding)
• 2 corner bars
• 1 back bar (total front and corner bars can create a bar setup that is 13.5m long)
• Single plate Thai ice cream machine (competitive advantage)
• Cocktail bar equipment
• Glassware
• Chest freezer – 500L
• Double door stand up fridge
• Hamilton Beach blender (+ 2 more blenders)

(Full list available)


3 casual staff. They are only paid when you book an event. And event payments are upfront.

Location, Building and Lease agreement

Maitland but the lease does not need to be taken over.

Financials and Forecasts

Annual financials to be provided.

Reason for Sale

Emigrating due to change of career.


It's on the market for around 40% of it's pre-covid value of R1.3 million. I'm not waiting in SA until things are better and the value goes up again. I'm moving on.

Also that R1.3 mill value was achieved by word of mouth and google ads. I did no marketing, and there was always an opportunity for growth. I just really didn't like marketing, so I would wait for the phone to ring.

The main benefit of this business is that you can have no overheads if you have a house with a double garage and another 10 or so metre's squared then you could run the business from there. Staff are only paid when you have an event, so basically if it's quiet, which is usually during winter, then you have minimal or no costs to cover.

When things are busy then you switch fridges and freezers on which means around R1000 per month for electricity.

Rent at our warehouse, if you wanted to take over the lease, is R6024 which is also very decent. And it's brand new, secure and clean.

Contact me for detailed information.


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Gilad Yechiel

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