LocationZambia, Zambia Areas

Sector - Accommodation

Asking Price
Monthly Profit
$ 5,231
Asset Value
$ 4,600,000
Stock Value
$ 0
Yearly Net Profit
$ 62,771


Catering for the European and American market and located on the Zambezi River, this business has enjoyed success in the tourism sector since 1996.

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Fully describe the business's activities?

This beautiful lodge and resort caters for both local and international tourists who want to experience the raw adventure of Africa in an exquisite and well organized resort. Facilities offered are boat hire/safaris, bird watching, tiger fishing, drive safaris in Lower Zambezi National Park, full catered tented and air conditioned accommodation, self-catering cottages, electrified camp sites as well as canoe safaris. The resort is located on an ancient sandbank overlooking the mighty lower Zambezi river.

How does the business operate on a daily basis?

Bookings are normally done approximately two weeks in advance through travel agents and tour operators and privately using the internet. The lodge will cater for each visitors requirements such as a canoe safari or fishing safari. The well trained local staff is well rehearsed in catering for each individuals needs.

What Advertising/Marketing is carried out?

The business has a website and regularly forward updated details to travel agents and tour operators.
Exposure in fishing and travel magazines as well as adverts and an internet advertising campaign.

What competition exists?

There are other lodges on the river catering for similar clientele. None of these however provide the same level of service. The business is also far better priced with more facilities available.

How could the profitability of the business be improved?

A more comprehensive marketing campaign targeting international guests needs to be done by an experienced marketer in this industry. This, I believe, will increase turnover significantly as there is spare “heads on beds” capacity”.

Do any have management potential?

The owner is most satisfied with the staff. There is a manager, assistant manager, accountant, chef and maintenance manager that take care of the day to day operation of the business. All staff are Zambian and have the appropriate statutory qualifications necessary for the smooth running of the lodge. There is very low staff turnover at management level.

How involved is the Owner in running the business?

The owner, a Zambian resident, visits the business on a regular basis and is fully involved with daily communications and decision making. Price setting and strategy is also done by the owner.

When does the current lease end?

It should be noted that the business operates on two co-joined property leases. Both leases are 99 years with the first lease was registered in May 2008 and the second on March 2010.

What are the trading hours?

The resort is so to speak open 24 hours


The proper record keeping that the owner implemented in the business will ensure a smooth takeover for a new owner. The location of the business is a definite asset. The quality of service that is rendered by the business and the vast range of facilities catered for places this resort/lodge head and shoulders above any competitor. This is a truly professional outfit.


The number of licenses required - this does effect the whole tourist industry in Zambia. This may however be a weakness within the whole tourism industry in Zambia and should be seen as a huge advantage for this specific business with all the licenses, permits and certificates properly updated and in order.


There are many opportunities to expand the services of the business this may include a game sanctuary and even small farming projects. The prime river area is yet to be developed to its full potential.


A slow down in the tourism industry will be a threat to this type of business.

What is the reason for the sale?

The owner manages the business from the Copperbelt and also has another business there to run. The owner do not have extra time available to attend to the need to grow the business and have come to the decision to sell their shares in the company and concentrate their time on their other businesses where they are actively involved.


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Ferdi van Greunen

LocationSouth Africa, Gauteng

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