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Asking Price
Projected Monthly Profit
R 2,543,333
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R 0
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Projected Yearly Profit
R 15,260,000


SkillzTrader is a Technology Company that has developed 2 unique mobile Super Apps. GPS-based, these offer a live business directory that removes the necessity of searching the conventional cluttered web and social media platforms, and offers a real-time solution to advertising businesses and to finding these businesses at the touch of a button. Both Apps are a world first and use innovative technology. The business is run virtual, is mostly automated, and can be managed from anywhere in the world. App downloads recently reached 20 000 units.

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Background and History

SkillzTrader is a Technology Company that has developed 2 unique mobile, GPS-based, live business directory Super Apps which it launched in November 2019.

The business is run virtual, is automated, and can be managed from anywhere in the world.
Both Apps are a world first.
Invest in an upcoming Tech Company and receive a monthly income as the business grows.

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Products and Services

The SkillzTrader and SkillzFinder Apps are available as free downloads on The AppStore and on Playstore. The SkillzTrader App enables SMME's to register their businesses and services on the App.

The SkillzFinder App finds these businesses locally, closest to their location, for free - at the touch of a button. Unlike static directories, the Apps connect clients directly with businesses, service providers, professionals, and freelancers on a live, geo-location platform. The Uber of everything!

The Apps - are the smallest on the AppStore
- work on the most basic of smartphones
- are multifunctional
- use hardly any data or battery power
- offer a variety of options
- are fully POPIA-compliant.


The company is internally funded, has minimal fixed expenses, and is debt-free.

Its assets include the Skillztrader and SkillzFinder Brands, the Apps, the Source Codes, numerous critical Web Domains, and the IP Technology, all of which are trademarked and copyright protected.

The Apps are supported by a robust database which runs on solid-state servers in the Cloud.
The company has built up an impressive database of clients advertising their businesses and has over 20 000 users actively using the Apps.

Financials and Forecasts

Full disclosure will be made regarding profit projections and return on investment, by appointment, to serious investors.

Reason for Sale

Investment opportunity of R250 000 in a operational Tech Company. The planning, development and groundwork of its SkillzTrader and SkillzFinder Apps have been completed, and the company is looking to up-scale its current advertising campaign and to continue with product maintenance and development.

Reason for Investment Offer

Investment Opportunity:
The company plans to upscale its advertising and marketing campaigns and to continue with product development programme.
Minimum investment opportunity of R250 000 in an operational Tech Company.


In a world that demands instant solutions, SkillzTrader is a leader in the evolution of effective mobile communication.

It offers a unique, seamless, user-friendly mobile solution for businesses, service providers, professionals, and freelancers on which to advertise their services or products.

It's all about how they're noticed, how they're located, and how they're contacted.

The company and its products are well placed to make a significant impact on the way business is done.

The Apps are certain to receive many awards and accolades for innovation, relevance, enterprise, and technological breakthrough in the 4th Industrial Revolution age in which we live.

Investment Opportunity

The offer comprises 4 investment units of a minimum of R 250 000 each. Investors are issued with shares in the Southern African operation.

Returns are generated from SkillzTrader App sales at a rate of R 6,25 per App sale. Proceeds are due and payable to investors within 30 days of such sales.

Validity: This offer is valid until 30 September 2020, after which it lapses.

For a more detailed discussion, projections, and a demonstration, please contact us to set up an appointment at our offices in Brooklyn, Pretoria, or via a Zoom or Skype meeting.


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