LocationSouth Africa, Limpopo

Sector - Manufacturing

Asking Price
Monthly Profit
R 388,333
Asset Value
R 438,000,000
Stock Value
R 10,000,000
Yearly Net Profit
R 4,660,000


Owner managed operation agri-food processing plant . Adding value to farmed sunflower in an end-to-end operation producing export quality sunflower oil and related produces

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Fully describe the business's activities?

The Business operates within South Africa’s oilseed industry, with dedicated specialisation in
manufacturing sunflower oil and oil-cake, and value chain participation in:
o Crushing sunflower seed
o Extraction of oils
o Refining and processing sunflower oilseed into
o Bottled Sunflower Oil for the retail market (edible) ( own branding )
o Bulk and Crude Sunflower Oil for wholesale market (edible), used
by food sector industry, and blending into Vegetable Oil
o Sunflower Cake for the animal feed industry
o The Business has to date predominantly participated as a bulk supplier to the
industrial food sector and related industries in South Africa.

How does the business operate on a daily basis?

The business is an owner-managed operation, encompassing end-to-end
production cycle of sunflower farming to the selling of refined oil
The seller is farming sunflower and is buying sunflower seed from producers in the province
Sunflower then is processed in a specialised and purpose built sunflower oil refinery.
The refined oil is sold in bulk , or bottled at the on-site bottling plant
The business is doing their own logistics and distribution.
Sunflower cake - a byproduct - is sold to feedlots

What competition exists?

The Business competes with producers of sunflower on the purchasing / supply side (for
raw input – sunflower seed),
The Business also competes with the producers of the
refined product / market side (sales of finished product).

How involved is the Owner in running the business?

The owners are involved in the control and decision making

What are the main assets of the business?

Large oil production refinery plant with a daily sunflower seed (boilerplate) crushing
capability of 140 tons per day (current sustainable run rate closer to 110tpd).
* State of the art bottling plant with PET blow moulders and labelling plant.
* Machine shop and storage facilities to warehouse c. 1000 pallets.
* On-site silo for 4,500 tons of sunflower seed storage.
* The Business situated on carved out industrial rezoned land of roughly 70ha.
* Weighbridge, and own trucks for distribution and logistics
* 1350Ha farmland


The Business’ end-to-end capability means it can flex margin between its crushing
and refining processes to be able to compete on both fronts, depending on market
Dominant regional player, with buying power, as it is the only Sunflower refinery within a radius of 300km
Situated in the North of South Africa - closer to the SADC markets
Uniquely situated with low overheads


Hi usage of electricity - technical knowledge of the plant is important


General growth in Agri communities
The refinery is operating below capacity
South Africa will remain a net importer of sunflower oil
The global demand for edible oils are growing year on year


Global economic downturn


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Arie Roos

LocationSouth Africa, Mpumalanga

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