LocationSouth Africa, Gauteng

Sector - New Franchise Opportunities

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R 9,731
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R 116,777


Franchising is the most effective mechanism for the rapid expansion of any business since the franchisor uses the franchisees’ investments to achieve the desired growth.  Franchisees on the other hand, benefit from the franchisor’s proven recipe for business success and, in most instances, also benefit from joint advertising and economies of scale.

We know that the franchising of our unique basket of services will make the true difference and create brand legitimacy and awareness. Franchise opportunities are now available throughout South Africa within the 9 provinces, and these are divided into 40 different franchise areas. Every franchise area meticulously researched to allow our franchisees access to business to consumer and business to business subscription opportunities.

These 40 viable franchise territories identified throughout South Africa are available to meritorious candidates on a first-come, first-served basis. The price of a franchise starts at R340 000.

The first franchise sale has been concluded for the areas Central Orange Free State – the rollout of this new franchise will be concluded by end of May 2022.

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Background and History

SA spends R45 billion on physical and other security measures at residences per year.
The yearly SAPS budget is only R30 billion.
The Private Security Industry in SA is 7th largest in the world – the industry employs 4 times as many security guards as active SAPS members (480 000 security guards vs 105 00 SAPS members).
The trust in the SAPS has completely eroded and serious issues over the last decade have increased this mistrust to an all-time high.
The reaction time of the SAPS and access to vehicles in different metros, never mind the various rural areas, shows huge lack of capacity with various media reports on mismanagement inside the SAPS occurring weekly.
SA is thus in the grips of a crime pandemic with the latest released results showing an increase in various crimes for 2021.
Sexual and related crime are at levels almost 4 x times higher than the World Average with 1 incident occurring every 12 minutes of every day.
Furthermore, access to private medical aid and huge challenges inside the public health sector amplifies the shortage of access to private emergency medical responses for our citizens in the critical golden hour period.
Less than 1 out of every 10 South-Africans have the capacity to pay for private medical aid.
Our team, with the assistance of a world class development company, created the Secure Me SA mobile app in 2019/2020, thus allowing all citizens of our country the opportunity to be part of our vision that we can make a valid difference in our own personal safety.

How does it work?

By pressing/activating our Secure Me SA 24/7-armed response and emergency medical response blue panic button these shortcomings, inside various incidents of danger, perceived danger or lack of adequate emergency medical transport will be prevented and more effectively managed.
The protection provided by our mobile app & panic button, available in all three of the App stores i.e., Android, Apple and Huawei, provides access to a national footprint of 2300 armed response vehicles more than 4000 PSIRA accredited trained armed response officers and an average response time across all 9 provinces of less than 8 minutes. This provides an additional layer of personal protection and emergency medical response when a subscriber needs it most.
This live protection and emergency medical response at a subscription cost per month of R59 for a single subscriber and R199 for a family of up to 5 individual subscribers.
Secure ME and partners have registered almost 60 000 calls to the call centre since 2020 providing an alternative proven to work to ensure security, protection and emergency medical response even away from the residence. The next phase to ensure that Secure ME SA provides true representation to all of society and further growth in subscriptions allowed for this our Franchise model.


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Johan Steyn

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