LocationSouth Africa, Eastern Cape

Sector - Manufacturing

Asking Price
Monthly Profit
R 52,646
Asset Value
R 700,000
Stock Value
R 10,000
Yearly Net Profit
R 631,747


Established for numerous years and yielding a return of XX on investment. This business is well equipped with the finest quality Stainless steel machines and has a huge potential for growth.

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Fully describe the business's activities?

The business has the best quality stainless steel machinery, filters and purifies the water, then bottled and distributed to customers throughout the Nelson Mandela Metropole.
The bottling is done in 330ml, 500ml, 1 lt. and, 5 lt and 20 liters fitted to a dispenser.
The business consists of the following phases:
a) Filtration of water
b) Bottling of Water
c) Screen Printing of labels on bottles for own use and for other bottling companies.
d) distribution of bottled water.
e0 Rental of Water Dispensers.

How does the business operate on a daily basis?

The official working time is Monday to Fridays 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
The water filtration system runs into storage containers and bottling is done as required.
Each line of bottling (330ml, 500 ml, 1 lt, 5 lt, and 20 lt) has a stock level to ensure stock is available for delivery. Many clients have their own branded bottles which is labeled inhouse.

What Advertising/Marketing is carried out?

At present advertising is only done on word of mouth basis.

What competition exists?

Numerous other bottling companies, but very few deliver the customised bottles and labels resulting in repeat business.

How could the profitability of the business be improved?

The profitability of the business will increase if turnover is increased. The appointment of a marketing agent should be considered. a web site, pamphlets and flyers could also increase sales.
Supermarkets can also be approached especially with customised bottles and ;abels.

Give a breakdown of staff/ functions/ length of service?

The staff member can multi-task. He operates the purification process, bottling process and does deliveries. The owner and wife assist where assistance is required.

How involved is the Owner in running the business?

The owner is 90% involved with the operations of the business.

When does the current lease end?

The current Lease end 30 June 2022.

What are the trading hours?

The production plant operated Monday to Fridays: 8:00am -5:00pm
Urgent deliveries is done on Saturdays if rquired.

What are the main assets of the business?

The main asset of the business is the loyal customer base with repeat orders.
a full list of Assets is on file and will be made available to qualified buyers.


This business is well established and has been in operation for +/-16 years.
The owners have cultivated a reputable image of high quality and timeous delivery. The equipment used is of the best quality available, well maintained and will last an indefinate period.


the products are of a competitive nature with numerous other producers alse marketing similar products.


This business offers huge opportunity for expanding.
a) A more aggressive marketing strategy must be deployed.
b) Product range can be expanded eg. flavoured waters or waters with added supplements.
c)Sales can be expanded by approaching supermarkets or outlets in high foot traffic areas.


this business is considered an Essential Services Provider and the future of purified water is considered to be well secured.
All HASAP requirements and business zoning is in place thus do not consider any threats for the business.

What is the reason for the sale?

The owner wishes to explore other options.


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Willem Smuts

LocationSouth Africa

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