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R 0
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R 50,000
Stock Value
R 350,000
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R 0


A GP of some R500 000 on the stock alone. A "Bear/Animal Building" business, that is Trademarked in SA, that provides an experience for kiddies, while they choose their : animal, skin, heart, voice, name, outfit, & accessories. It has been in-operative & but everything is available to commence business within a week. The Bear Building craze hits the world:

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Buddy bear is a "Bear/Animal Building" business, that is Trademarked in SA, that provides an exciting experience for children, as they choose, the animal, skin, heart, voice, name, outfit, & accessories. The display/sale/building process, can range from being based at a shop/cart/online/parties/schools/events etc, with the building process including some equipment if the turnover at that point (eg a shop) supports such, otherwise the process is merely done by hand.
This business/franchise opportunity at R350 000, is inclusive of the presently stored - : stock (R700 000)which was sourced both locally & from overseas/China; equipment & displays (R50 000) which were made locally; inter-active shopping website; & SA Trademark. It is noted, that although this business operated for some 10 yrs with up to 10 franchisee's, the owners focus in the Tourism Industry, led to the closure of the business & thus it's sale as a " New Opportunity" to be RE-STARTED !
The past proved to be successful ! Are you the person who is energised to realise the potential of this opportunity either in the full ownership or Franchise model ? With everything at hand, the business can be up & running in 1 week.

What are the main assets of the business?

All the below is presently in storage in Durban.
Stock : animal, skin, stuffing, heart, voice, name, outfit & accessories, etc - Valued at inward invoice pricing of R700 000 (but retail pricing at R1.1m, thus a R500 000 GP just on the stock) - all in excellent/saleable condition.
Equipment : 2 blowing/stuffing machines (big & small), display drawers, bear cut-out displays, stands/tables, etc - valued at some R50 000 (while new would be around R200 000) - all would require a good make-over/re-paint (1 week).
Website : interactive shopping/party website & still functions
Trademark : of Buddy Bear in South Africa.


Tested model that worked in the past & just needs new energy
All equipment, stock, website & Trademark are available (in storage in Durban) to re-start this business opportunity (only 1 week to touch-up the displays/machines)
The Seller (based in Durban) will assist any Purchaser from a strategy, product, marketing & supplier, point-of-view.


That the business needs to be Re-started; although it's tested model, stock, equipment, website & Trademark are available to commence operation, literally immediately.


The Purchaser may operate this whole business OR use the Franchise model, as in the past, where the Franchisor controlled the online sales & the Franchisee's (10 over 5 years) operated from stores, carts & home, as well as, attending schools/parties/events/etc
Apart from the present markets, the Purchaser could focus on previously tested corporate/sport/ fund-raising opportunities


That other persons realise there is a gap in the market & from-scratch, start up this sort of venture, although they would need to attend to so many issues, such as : suppliers; products; equipment; displays; website; strategies; etc

What is the reason for the sale?

The owner has decided not to restart this venture after having closed it as her interest was diverted into the tourism industry.


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Cliff Bell

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