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Retail Bottle Store With Good Supportive Client Base in Strategic Location Lowveld Price: R1,350,000* Listed For: SALE Location: South Africa ,Mpumalanga Sector: Retail

Retail bottle store, long established , undisputed prime position with continuous commuters on route to the local bus terminals.

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Listed For : SALE
Type : Broker Listing
Selling Price: R1,350,000*
Yearly Net Profit: R419,078
Monthly Lease : R24,000


Debbie Sardoz

Aldes Lowveld is owned and operated by Deborah Sardoz who has lived in the lovely Lowveld for the past 28 years. Debbie is originally from Johannesburg where she acquired her first confectionery business at age 21. Her entrepreneurial ambitions led to her relocation to the flourishing Lowveld, where she then owned and operated various businesses ranging from clothing, cleaning materials production, catering and food and packaging distribution which was instrumental in her co-founding a multi-million rand company which then led to her being pro actively involved in its successful sale to a corporate giant. She then stayed out a 2 year restraint of trade in the U.K and upon returning joined ALDES. Debbie has a wealth of experience and a robust knowledge of businesses to assist you in acquiring a suitable business for yourself. Aldes Lowveld is an approved Aldes operator.